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  1. Wondering if you have done anything with nickel. Seems like that would benefit greatly from adding a wicking aspect to the coil.

  2. I’m hoping to get a DNA 40 device but am waiting for the next version of the chip to come out. Excited to try some nickel builds with temperature control

  3. Can u make a vid of how to twist the bigger wires like How people have 1 strand and its got Clapton twisted and other stuff all twisted into 1 my wire just explodes when I try that never holds together

  4. TM, your builds have inspired me! I’m crazy over several of them! TIDAL WIRE – INTERLOCK WIRE – SPIRAL WIRE, it goes on and on! THANK YOU for taking the time to shoot your videos! I’ve pretty much seen them all! Can’t wait to see the next one! – Eric Millikan

  5. Awesome to hear man 🙂 Hopefully will have the next one up soon. Just finished moving to a new place and been super busy with work recently

  6. TM, love the new video! I am always trying to duplicate your builds. Sometimes I don’t always have the same wire as you but, I work with what I have. Plus, I use some practice wire, that’s not kanthal, to get the feel for the build before I use my kanthal. Anyway, big “SHOUT OUT” to you man! Twist you later. – Eric Millikan

  7. Definitely looking forward to ni200 build tips. Especially for doing dual coils. I’ve been using grade 1 titanium for my temp control builds but nothing creative.

  8. What up messes i wana know how i can get my ipV3li and colored rings with your logo.,i seen the pictures and damm i want that.,that sick bro much love and support

  9. The IPV3Li was actually just a watermark I put on with a Phone App lol 🙂 The colored rings can be found here on the website

  10. I’m having trouble replacing the insulators I messed up the spare now I have to order a spare part kit help

  11. Please contact me at


  12. I just made a few helix wire builds what gr8 flavor i used all kanthal i think nickel is toxic im looking forward to your next YouTube video your builds rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Great videos guys, keep up the great work.

  14. Love your builds but looking for something special. I have been wrapping Clapton and fused Clapton coils with great success lately. My friends are keeping me busy. They all want my coils. They are begging for something new. They want better flavor and bigger clouds. Geez! Who doesnt?!?! Thinking about the alien coil but my confidence with that coil has been low. Any ideas for a new coil to try with the experience I have under my belt?

  15. Looks like my previous reply didn’t go through! I’d recommend trying the Framed Staple Coil. Squidoode has a great tutorial on it on his channel “The Art of Vaping” check it out if you haven’t already. In my opinion it’s much easier than the alien clapton and also easier than the regular staple coil.

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