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TwistedMesses RDA

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Here are the specs:

4 Post Design – Four 2.8mm Holes!
304 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Dual Hole Center Post
Silver Plated Brass Contact Pin
22mm RDA
6mm Deep Juice Well
Comes with 1 Blue and 1 Silver AFC Ring
3 Drip Tip Options including massive delrin and metal chuff style and regular 510 adapter
Peek Insulators with Extras Included

Wholesale Inquiries contact wholesale@twistedmesses.com

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TwistedMesses RDA – (Also check out the Black and Gold Edition)

Here are the specs:

4 Post Design – Four 2.8mm Holes!
304 Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Dual Hole Center Post
Silver Plated Brass Contact Pin
22mm RDA
6mm Deep Juice Well
Comes with 1 Blue and 1 Silver AFC Ring
3 Drip Tip Options including massive delrin and metal chuff style and regular 510 adapter
Peek Insulators with Extras Included

Wholesale Inquiries contact wholesale@twistedmesses.com

45 reviews for 1 Twisted Messes RDA

  1. Tor-Andrè

    You just got to have this RDA, it`s just the best i have tried so far. Flavour and clouds, i can`t stop laughin. It`s freakin awsome. Don`t know you`re real name Twisted, but thank you and a big halleluja from Norway:-)
    AND this was my first rda/rba i didn`t have to wash, it came clean from oil and shit.
    Don`t think, just order it!

  2. shaunthedon (verified owner)

    By far my favorite rda; and I have a lot of rdas! Couldn’t wait for my preorder to come in, and when it did, it didn’t disappoint!!! Huge post holes, 4 post design, deep juice well, big build space, great air-flow/afc. Also comes with two afc options, and 3 different top caps/drip tip options!!! Everything seems flawless! And for a Great price…there’s no reason you shouldn’t have this atty if you’re an advanced builder! Straight awesomeness Kent!

  3. Randall

    Finally an rda you don’t need to hog out holes that has flavor. Just picked this up a few days ago and it rules. For the price there is no way to beat this! I absolutely love it. It’s an rda with the insight of a builder who wants flavor and Twisted nailed it!!

  4. Richard E.

    Purchased one of these and have been using it with a 26g twisted w/ 26g in parallel dual coil set up. The flavor….the clouds. I haven’t experienced either as good on any other rda. This has replaced every rda in my colection. Saying i was surprised with the quality is an understatement. This is the standard for rda’s in my book now. The bar is now set extremely high.

  5. @whitdeisel (verified owner)

    Best rda by far! Love the post hole sizes! Love the 3 caps too! A great flavor and cloud chunking rda! Get one and find out!

  6. Nick

    Love this atty… Although I keep trying to use up all the space in my post holes and my sig 150 keeps saying low resistance ;D I’ll have to be a little more subtle… Amazing flavour, incredibly smooth hit even with warmer builds… The only thing is that the screws started stripping on me the first day I got it… Luckily it comes with extras!

  7. twistedmess

    If you need more screws just use the contact form on the website and I’ll get you taken care of 🙂

  8. Clint vail (verified owner)

    This atomizer is an absolute builders dream ! Build quality is on par with RDAs twice it’s cost , attention to detail throughout couldn’t be more thorough , comes with extra parts and it’s just beautiful! Gonna be hard to pull me away from this thing ! Thanks Kent !

  9. Dj Thornton

    As a cloud chaser this RDA is my go to, all day, every day. The huge build area provides enough room for even my thickest builds. Simply amazing!

  10. Quinn

    This thing is what I have been looking for. Big delrin tip means no more burnt crackhead lips. Guys at liberty vapor west Chester pa. Put in a fused Clapton coil and the flavor is out of this world. Awesome product. Looking forward for more

  11. Keith (verified owner)

    I have been following this RDA until it was released. By FAR my favorite! Everyone at the local shops or in person love to see it and gawk at it for its design/space. On top of how amazing the RDA is, the service is amazing. Shipped to me lightning fast and prompt! HUGE PROPS to @twistedmesses (Kent) and THANK YOU. Now to order more wire and keep working on my builds 🙂

  12. Danny (verified owner)

    I am speechless! It blows my mine. The best investment I had for vape gear!

  13. Josh

    Great atty. love the build deck, airflow, post holes and design but it would not sit flush on any of my box mods. Ipv3, ipv mini 2 or istick 50. The center pin is way too long. I pulled it out to see if maybe the spare one was shorter and it wasn’t. Screwed it back in and barely put some pressure on it and it snapped off. Had it for less than a day

  14. twistedmess

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the feedback! Anytime you might have an issue, please feel free to contact me at support@twistedmesses.com

    I’ll shoot you an email and see what we can do for you.


  15. Justin

    This thing is the tits. Its easy to build on, full of flavor. Best RDA I have so far. Once my boy at my vape shop showed me this he tried to show me others but I just eyed this one and chose it. Just get it. Props Kent!!!

  16. Ness (Glock n Roll)

    The best RDA I have. Suits my needs and creativity. It came out at a time when I was looking for a dripper that will allow me room to make simple to intricate builds and still fit in the posts, hold enough juice to avoid dry hits and provide enough airflow to avoid choking out everything. I had to buy 2, lol! I would have posted this review last month but I got my vapemail as I was about to go on vacation in countries where vaping isn’t allowed.
    The best part is the customer service. Kent, thank you for personally attending to my concerns despite your busy schedule. Thanks for the gift as well. Much appreciated. Ness.

  17. aliendeathbreath (verified owner)

    Man this RDA is excellent! The way the air flow lines up to the coil is just PERFECT!!!
    More so than any other dripped I own and I own a shit ton! The deck on this thing is also outstanding. Ample room and as everyone says no worries the AFC ring touching the coils. The fact it comes with EVERYTHING right outta the box is truly awesome and for the price this atty really shits ALL OVER its competition!! Kent got this one right… Get yourself one. Personally I love it.

  18. IAN (verified owner)

    Just bought one of these bad boys along with both of the coils Ryan has made for sale. I haven’t received it yet but I’m sure it will be amazing. I will leave a response to how they perform when I get them! Thanks in advance guys!

  19. Yaqoob (verified owner)

    Love this RDA. The build deck is great and the post hole size is HUGE.

    I’d like a deeper well but the drawback would be the atty would be too large; since reducing the size would require reducing the chuff cap diameter to prevent spit back

    Only improvements, and it may just be me:

    1. A black air flow control
    2. Different style airflow -> I prefer a lot of small holes as I find it diffuses the air for a smoother inhale

    Other than that, it is the first authentic I ever purchased and didn’t regret it. I was even refunded the difference for the shipping charge.

  20. Robert (verified owner)

    Best rda I’ve owned to date. Quality is outstanding. The thin outer barrel really does make a huge difference when delving into big builds. I can fit huge builds on here that wouldn’t fit in any other rda. The massive post holes help too. Kent, your videos are the reason I can do the builds I’m doing now. Thank you for both that and the badass rda. Highly recommend it to everyone. It really is worth the price.

  21. Albert m Harper

    Beautifully built , post holes large enough for almost any build. If you love building coils this is the sea for you,,,,I highly recommend it.. Great job Kent Hill…

  22. Nate (verified owner)

    I’m only giving this a 4 because I think nothing is perfect also I hope it gives twisted a reason to make another rda. IMO this thing is a MUST own I mean it’s aesthetically appealing, has the function and no matter the build is got the room and the juice well. For the price this thing comes fully loaded and reading other posts if and I mean IF you have any inconvenience with this thing customer service will give you the hook up. Review; flavor, form, function, loaded with goodies and you cannot beat the price

  23. Brennan (verified owner)

    This is an amazing product. Built super well. Everything about this rda is 5 stars. Air flow is great. Design is great. Post holes & post are excellent to build on. The top cap is a BEAST! The fact that this RDA is authentic for only $60 is a steal. Took a few days to ship, however I received my item in around 3-4 business days from when I ordered it. Great job twisted, and I recommend to anybody looking to chuck clouds, but still get quality flavor.

  24. Roy

    Mr. Messes you are a top bloke, bought your RDA here in the UK and I love it. Great looks and performance and the attention to detail is second to none. The top cap has the perfect grip to the base, its easy to remove and drip but still holds the weight of the mod. Love the drip tip options, engravings and the complete spares pack.
    I enjoy watching your artistic coil builds, you seem to have a very positive blend between cool and trendy with humble in your personality. Good job mate wish you all the success.

  25. vaporplace (verified owner)

    спасибо большое за RDA, это самая лучшая и вкусная RDA из всех что я пробовал!!!

  26. Scott

    A friend came over with his today. It made a believer out of me that it is the RDA as well as the build that makes a huge difference. I put the same build in his Twisted RDA and in my Darkhorse. The vape quality and taste from the Twisted completely blew by Darkhorse out of the water. I also like the fact that while reading through the reviews, Kent takes the time to reply to his customers and personally addresses their problems. That is huge in today’s world. Can not wait until I can buy one. May be a few weeks. I have to let the wife calm down after my last purchases.

  27. Tom

    Started losing faith in rda’s. till i picked this up. Pure awesomeness.

  28. IAN (verified owner)

    I bought this RDA from Kent just over a month ago. Wanted to really test it before leaving my opinion. After a month of using it I must say it is truly fantastic. The airflow is incredible. The build space is just unreal. The screws do not come loose. I’ve had the same build in it now from the time I got it. It is just a dream to vape. I bought the staple coils built by Ryan and his fused claptons also and they are of the utmost quality. Built so perfectly I didn’t even need to set them. They fired a perfect glow inside out as soon as I dropped them in. Nice work guys. You really have something good going here. Keep it up. Not to mention this RDA looks like pure porn on top of my Pulse M from RM Mods. Just gorgeous. It’s such an art piece I almost don’t want to vape from it. In case anyone is wondering I’m not paid or supported by these two fellas in anyway. Just a average vape enthusiast who lives quality products.

    Ian from Alberta, Canada

  29. Jeremy (verified owner)

    This rda is amazing. Ive got over 50 different rda’s and the twisted messes is my favorite. Ive had it since it came out and its still at the top of my rotation. Use it everyday. Ive had zero problems with it. Havnt touched the spare parts and im really hard on rdas with my builds. Deck is a joy to build on. Flavor is off the charts. Best rda in the world imo. Great job kent!

  30. Blake

    I absolutely LOVE this RDA. i bought it today from a local shop. There is one con to this particular RDA; The top cap is so very very loose. I’m not sure if it is supposed to be this way, but i can turn my mech mod upside down and the thing just falls off. Please let me know if this is intended. Other than that, keep up the great builds! thank you!!!!

  31. twistedmess

    That is too loose. It shouldn’t just fall off like that. Please send a picture of the top-cap to support@twistedmesses.com

  32. Krebs (verified owner)

    Just got my Twisted Messes RDA and I’m already in love with it! Its the most intuitive deck i have ever used! The post holes are huge enough to fit my crazy builds and an insanely deep juice well! The airflow set up is great with dual and single coil options with the option for restriction! The screws being hex is really nice so you can’t really strip them out like Philips head. I love that it comes with 3 mouth peice set ups. Not to mention it looks sharp as hell on my box!!!

  33. James (verified owner)

    First of all, want to say I love this RDA, and only have one serious complaint.

    Received it about a month and a half ago, got my coil in no problem, everything was great. Figured I’d try a dual coil, and went to do this today, but was unable because one of the grub screws was stripped. The Allen key provided just spins fruitlessly inside of it, with an occasional “click”. It works on all the other screws. I cannot get it out or use that post hole now. I hadn’t used that post hole or unscrewed the grub screw before now.

    Other than that, this RDA works great. I run single coil most of the time so I figure its no big deal. Only possible other complaints are minor and personal preference. I sometimes feel as though the O-rings are a bit small, making the top cap a bit loose/leaky, but it isn’t a huge deal.

    Great RDA, overall. Mine just happened to have a defect. Happens to everyone at one point or another. Would buy again in a heartbeat.

  34. twistedmess

    Hi James,

    You can feel free to contact me anytime at support@twistedmesses.com I send out replacements regularly and am more than happy to take care of this for you. Please shoot me an email. Thanks!

  35. Brad

    I was almost done with my vape experience but after I got this rda I can’t seem to put it down flavor and clouds are on point hands down best rda I’ve ever used

  36. Aaron

    I got a hold of one of these a few days ago. This has been one enjoyable RDA. One of the best decks I have ever built on. Massive post holes, Massive I tell you! It holds my fused clapton / 22g parallels pretty well. I was also impressed with the flavor this atty puts out. The taste is spot on with all my juices. I got to mention the goodies it came with. The drip tip, well chuff caps AFC ring and extra everything was a huge plus. The friction of the O-rings is perfect. I couldn’t believe how nice it felt. It’s perfect in my book. The quickest RDA I fell in love with. Thanks for the design man! This is my go to now.

  37. Richard

    I’m waiting on my twisted rda to get in but by far I love everything Kent puts out.coils are sick.seeing the reveiws and customer service, I’m gona be coming back.keep up the work Kent and a deep thanks for what you do for us

  38. Jumperma (verified owner)

    Очень хорошая и вкусная RDA!
    Отдельное спасибо Стасу (Vaporplace), за русский обзор, именно оттуда я узнал о ней!

  39. Ian

    Picked this up today, I’m blown away by it. The post holes are enormous and I’m sure you could fit 20g36g fused claptons in it. (they’re quite big.)

    I’ve had a REMatty, Tobeco Turbo V2, and Royal Hunter. This one blows them all out of the water. Super easy to build on, and chucks the clouds. The RH was nice, but the Turbo was better. This is a must have RDA. There’s nice flavor, and the clouds are even better than the Turbo. A true cloudchasing RDA.

    My only complaint on the other RDA’s is building. On the RH, the screws had awful threads and wouldn’t tighten all the way down. The allen-wrench is a great addition to this RDA because it insures your coils are as tight as can be and won’t come lose. It builds way better than the Turbo, or anything listed above.

    There’s not a single RDA I’d rather have.

    Currently running 8-wrap 24g dual parallels at 0.1 ohms on a Sigelei 150W. At 100W, this plooms.

    Might pick up a Limitless Mech soon, hopefully it performs just as well.

  40. Elias (verified owner)

    The first night with the RDA I got super pissed because I am not so great at building Clapton coils. I had bought several RDAs at the time so the Twisted Messes one kind of rode the bench for a while. I eventually got it back out and have done some great builds on it. I used a staged heating coil for a while and multiple other parallel builds. It works great in single coil mode as a lot of the builds I have thrown in there have ohm’d at like .2 or below for one coil. I find this RDA to be the easiest one I have to build on and those large post holes are killer. I really like the air flow too. I watched some YouTube videos where they say that the outer ring is unnecessary and the logo should be on the barrel. This I don’t agree with because usually I have 1/3 of the air closed off. That is just works best for me but there are a couple subjective cons. The O-rings could have been a hair tighter but they are not nearly as bad as what Grimm Green made them out to be in his review. I thought he was way too harsh on that but think he had some bad ones because mine are not nearly as loose as his. I had planned to use primarily the black drip tip that came with it but I kind of hate it because it is way too hard for me. I would had also preferred it to be smooth. Twisted Messes please put out a softer white version because I would totally buy it. On that note for the AFC rings in different colors please do a gunmetal or gray because I would totally buy that as well. Fortunately though I really did end up liking the large bore metal top. It is actually the first metal chuff that I have liked. The heat absorbing ridges work beautifully as well. The RDA will heat up with what I am throwing in there a good bit but the metal tip remains cool. Also the ridges really help with screwing and unscrewing the top cap. My cons are relatively minor and I give the RDA a 95/100 so I round up to 5 stars. I have some Tiger Coils in it right now and the flavor is awesome with a huge amount of vapor production. Definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to build cool coils. My last note is that a lot of people compared it to the Dark Horse which used to be my primary RDA and one of my favorites. I don’t see that much of a comparison and the Twisted Messes RDA stands on its own as a great product and one of my favorites. I am nearly at 20 RDAs and this one is in the starting lineup.

    Hope that helps someone,


    P.S. Please come out with some XXL or XXXL Twisted Messes shirts. Big guys like doing big twisted coils too.

  41. Nick (verified owner)

    The best RDA. Almost had this RDA for a month now and no problems. Really good clouds and flavor.

  42. Sam

    Amazing Rda it’s my first one and very easy to build on, just trying to find another color of the delrin sized drip tip, what is the size of the Delrin drip tip twisted??

  43. Ryan

    The best RDA I’ve used to date. I always have problems with the drubbing nut screws stripping and have always had to machine my own screws just to keep from having to buy a new RDA. But that wasn’t the case with this one. Just absolutely wonderfully designed. Machine quality is amazing and was free of machine oil when I received it. Being a Gunsmith and having lots of experience in machining, this was Grade A quality work to me. Everyone always gets on you on their reviews about the loose O rings, but the can shove it up their ass because I know exactly why you made it that way and it’s enough tension to hold my Snow Wolf 200w without coming off. Tolerances are amazing! Large deck! Large holes! Tough screws! And it comes with so many accesories. I would easily pay $100 for this RDA if it costed that much

  44. Jordan

    I love this thing. The post holes make it so easy to build on, and top cap clearance is another huge pro. Only problem I’ve had so far is that my center post is starting to spin when I tighten down the hex screws. It’s a slight thing but I’m afraid of it becoming a big issue. Other than that, I’ve had no problems with it. Favorite atty hands down.

  45. twistedmess

    Hi Jordan,

    Just an FYI, the contact pin at the bottom of the 510 connection isn’t adjustable. That has to stay tight to keep the center post secure. Might want to check to make sure that hasn’t backed out. If you do run into problems please contact me at support@twistedmesses.com



  46. Daniel (verified owner)

    If I could give this thing 10 stars, I would! A beautifully crafted piece of art is how I describe it. Superbly machined and meticulously cleaned. Worth every penny! Super fast shipping,also.. 2 days. I will definitely be doing more business with you in the near future. Thank you so much!!

  47. wahoo (verified owner)

    Best RDA! Getting the black and gild next! And some spare parts,post screws hex can strip,but I have a bit that fits perfect and solved the problem. I want at least 3 of these and something two post.

  48. Alex

    Best rda yet i havent had any issues. Keep up the good builds have a parallel coil set up its awsome saw the coils u built for twisted 420 on youtube looks awsome wish i could build them.
    Thanks a lot Alex

  49. robert (verified owner)

    Best RDA on the market now. I have the black and gold, and now the original. I love everything about this RDA airflow build deck if your a builder doing anything big or complicated this is a must have.

  50. Dennis

    Just bought one today. We set it up with Clapton wires. This just blows away all the fast tech clones away. It is a totally new vaping experience. The price was very reasonable and well worth it for an authentic RBA!

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