Twisted Messes Nichrome 80

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High Quality Nichrome 80 Resistance Wire

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Nichrome 80 series resistance wire is composed of 20% Chromium and ~80% Nickel. It’s a low resistance wire under normal circumstances. When dealing with the thinner gauges of this wire (32-46g) the resistance is much higher than you’d expect.

The thinner gauges (32-46g) are for clapton coils, multi-strand twisting or to add a bit of color to your coil-art.

The 26g through 30g can be used for core wires of multi-strand claptons like Alien Claptons but the thinner gauges (32-46g) will not perform well as a standard coil So if you’ve never used high-gauge wire before, make sure you’re buying the appropriate wire for your build before purchasing.

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26g, 27g, 28g, 29g, 30g, 32g, 34g, 36g, 37g, 38g, 40g, 42g, 44g, 46g


100ft, 250ft, 500ft, 1,000ft

4 reviews for Twisted Messes Nichrome 80

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    brian (verified owner)

    Got my first roll of twisted messes 32 gauge n80 in last night. i thought i would try this wire after ordering some wire on amazon. the wire i got was kind of dirty, i had to clean every build before vaping on it. it was not spooled very well, in fact i had to waste part of the roll just finding the lead. i purchased for twisted messes hoping that being a fellow builder his wire would be clean and spooled nicely and it was, making my first build with this wire a little easier. Great product and fast shipping, will definitely be back for more. First build was a modified caterpillar track coild with 3 strands 26 guage n80 claptoned with 32 tmn80. 4/5 wrap on a 3 mm screwdriver dual coil on my orginal twisted messes rda .10 ohm.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dustin (verified owner)

    Great quality this and anarchist wire is all I use.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tomy (verified owner)

    This is have to be the best fine gauge wires you can find in the market.. 2 thumbs up Kent

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Javier Diaz (verified owner)

    Hello Guys, I have 2 Reviews today!

    1. Wire, One Word… AMAZING!!!!!!!!

    2. Shipping, Based on my own experience, DO NOT pay for a faster shipping rate… Not worth it, Save your hard working money because the USPS will FAIL TO DELIVER… I paid extra just so that I can get my order here in 3 days as it states on their description as a PRIORITY MAIL and It’s been 5 days for me, I got a package today with 2 spools of wire when I was supposed to have 36 spools… SO I tried contacting the USPS office to find out what was taken so long for my order to arrive or why did I get one package of wire today and not all of them and well the estimated time of waiting was 1 hour… Hmmm I wonder why they have such a high volume of calls….
    I hope these review helps customers to make a good decision.

    If anyone is wondering where It’s been ship to, well as far as I know it ships out of KS. and it’s supposed to arrive in FL.

    You be the Judge and make the right choice… That’s it for me until next time Farewell friends. Keep on vaping!

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