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Available for purchase now! Buy 2 get 1 Free: Put 3 AFC+Drip-Tip Combos for the TM24 in your cart and use coupon “2AFC1FREE” during checkout to remove the cost of 1.

These are AFC and Matching Drip-Tip Sets for the TM24 RDA and the TM24 Pro-Series. The drip-tip and AFC are made from the same material to guarantee a perfect match. Goes well with both Black and Stainless versions of the TM24.

This AFC features both Single and Dual-Coil options for air-flow. Just flip the AFC updside-down to utilize the single coil option. O-rings included in each package to refurbish the whole TM24 RDA (Including drip-tip, and deck o-rings)

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Variation Key:
A1 – COLOR: Matte Black / MATERIAL: Stainless / COATING: Vacuum Plating
A2 – COLOR: Glossy Black / MATERIAL: Stainless / COATING: Vacuum Plating
A3 – COLOR: Blue / MATERIAL: Stainless / COATING: Vacuum Plating
B1 – COLOR: Brass / MATERIAL: Brass
B2 – COLOR: Copper / MATERIAL: Copper
B3 – COLOR: Matte Gold / MATERIAL: Stainless / COATING: Vacuum Plating
C1 – COLOR: Purple / MATERIAL: Aluminum / COATING: Anodized
C2 – COLOR: Gun Metal / MATERIAL: Aluminum / COATING: Anodized
C3 – COLOR: Pink / MATERIAL: Aluminum / COATING: Anodized
D1 – COLOR: Orange / MATERIAL: Aluminum / COATING: Anodized
D2 – COLOR: Yellow / MATERIAL: Aluminum / COATING: Anodized
D3 – COLOR: Sky Blue / MATERIAL: Aluminum / COATING: Anodized
E1 – COLOR: Green / MATERIAL: Aluminum / COATING: Anodized
E2 – COLOR: Royal Blue / MATERIAL: Aluminum / COATING: Anodized
E3 – COLOR: Red / MATERIAL: Aluminum / COATING: Anodized

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Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless, ULTEM


Black (Matte), Black (Glossy), Blue, Gold (Matte), Brass, Copper, Amber, Black, Red, Green, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Gun Metal, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow

1 review for TM24 – Matching AFC+Drip-Tip

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Tim Crispi (verified owner)

    I just received the new AFC+Drip-Tip today (10-19-2017).
    I ordered the yellow and when ordering the TM24 RDA I also picked the Matte Black AFC+Drip-Tip.
    The Pros: They both look very nice and they both came with extra O-Rings which is great cause between the extra parts the RDA comes with plus 2 sets of extra O-Rings from the 2 extra AFC’s I now I have I will have plenty to last.
    The Cons: Both AFC rings and Drip tips are made of Aluminum which is nice, but, the AFC rings are very thin which might help to cool the metal down faster but almost paper thin for $22 total cost its a bit crazy and having a metal drip-tip it does get pretty hot after a few good puffs. I guess your paying the biggest cost for the name. The Yellow AFC+Drip-Tip I just received today doesn’t look anything like the yellow shown in the picture above, it looks more like the orange pictured above so now it don’t even come close to matching the yellow VT250S mod I bought it for when using the TM24 on it. The box has yellow checked on the back but the actual pieces like I said look closer to the orange. I’m not sure if its the actual orange that got mixed up with a yellow check box on the bottom of the tiny box they come in or if the color is suppose to be yellow. I will have to see if I can get a hold of customer support (or TM himself) and find out cause I wanted the AFC+Drip-Tip pictured above that is yellow and a very close yellowish match to the mod I wanted it for.
    Final thoughts: I can say, for what it is I am loving using this RDA and having the option to change out the AFC’s and drip-tips to whatever colors I want (well that are sold on the site) to match up with whatever mod I want to use it on.

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