Replacement Deck for Twisted Messes RDA

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Have you ever ripped out a beautiful build to make room for a new build? It can be a pretty painful experience to say the least LOL! Well now you can buy an extra deck by itself and run as many builds as you want. This listing is for 1 extra Twisted Messes RDA deck, comes with hex screws pre-installed.

Use the coupon code COILADDICT and get a second deck at half price when you buy two at a time (Change quantity to “2” and use COILADDICT during checkout).

NOTE: Will not ship with a box or bag of extras. All you will receive is 1 extra deck with 4 hex screws installed.

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2 reviews for Replacement Deck for Twisted Messes RDA

  1. Ritchie Burleson (verified owner)

    I really love what you & Ryan are doing. awesome builds &very inspiring only problem is I recently injured my left thumb at work. Chop Saws are very unforgiving but thankfully I didn’t lose it . my determination to get myself back into this world of extreme builds won’t allow me to give up. This extra deck idea is long overdue..So glad someone finally had enough insight to actually offer it.

  2. Martynas (verified owner)

    the additional decks is a great idea! This dripper is my go-to everyday vape, all others are gathering dust… 🙂

    ps: I would also love to have a mini rack or something like that, where these decks could be screwed in, and also covered for protection, so I could carry the two additional decks wicked with cotton in my backpack with me should I want to change the vape. Just having them loose in a small case will mess up the wick. Cheers!

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