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These coils were made by the original pioneer of Hybrid Coils @GUATCH. Hybrid coils mix different styles or types of wrap wire to achieve aesthetic beauty and a unique vaping experience.

This Listing is for Alien-Ribbon Hybrid Coils:
These coils feature 3 strands of 28g for the core wires, the four outside wraps are Alien Claptoned, while the center wrap is a Ribbon-Wire Clapton. Each coil is carefully handmade by expert builder @GUATCH

Coil Specs: Triple Core 28g TMN80, 36g TMN80 Alien, 0.3mm Ribbon Clapton

Approximate Resistance: Single Coil – 0.3ohm / Dual Coil – 0.16ohm

Due to the design of Hybrid coils it is necessary to pulse them more carefully than other builds.
It is recommended to start around 20 – 30 watts with a few short pulses. Then give them both a wiggle with a 1/8 (3mm) bit.. repeat until they are firing evenly then up the wattage in 10watt increments and repeat the process.

If you’re using a mechanical device, use the same method with short careful pulses. If you get impatient you can damage the coils.

High-Drain batteries are required for the operation of these coils.

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WARNING: These coils are intended for persons over the age of 18 and only intended for those people with extensive experience with low-ohm builds. If you are new to vaping these coils are not recommended for you. These are pre-built low resistance coils (dual coils will be below 0.2 ohm) and require a thorough knowledge of battery safety to operate them without hazard.

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