2 x Fused Clapton Coils by Squidoode – 24AN80/36TMN80

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These coils were made by the master himself! – – – Fused Clapton coils by @squidoode

This listing is for two (2) fused claptons by @squidoode. These coils were made with two strands of 24g Anarchist Wire (24AN80) for the core and fused together with 36g Nichrome 80 (36TMN80) and each coil is approximately 0.19ohm (single coil resistance).

Buying a set of these beauties is a great way to show support to Ryan (@squidoode) and help him get his future projects off the ground.

If you want to try making these yourself, both wires are available on www.twistedmesses.com and make sure to check out Ryan’s “Fused Clapton” YouTube tutorial found on his channel “The Art of Vaping” (embedded below)

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WARNING: These coils are intended for persons over the age of 18 and only intended for those people with extensive experience with low-ohm builds. If you are new to vaping these coils are not recommended for you. These are pre-built very low resistance coils (sinlge coil will be at or below 0.2 ohm dual coils NOT RECOMMENDED) and require a thorough knowledge of battery safety to operate them without hazard.

By purchasing this item the buyer agrees to the following terms: Twisted Messes LLC or any parties or persons representing said company, will not be held responsible for any possible or real damages or losses incurred through the use or misuse of these products. The responsibility for the use of these products is solely in the hands of the purchaser.

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The Fused Clapton - By @squidoode

4 reviews for 2 x Fused Clapton Coils by Squidoode – 24AN80/36TMN80

  1. Todd (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 pairs of these 24AN80/38TMN80 claptons and was blown away. I’ve been working towards learning to roll fused claptons myself and am still in the learning stage. Can’t seem to relax my fingers enough to get a consistent roll lol, but I’m getting there…slowly. That said, I ordered these thinking it would give me a good reference for a successful twist and build. The day I got ’em I immediately installed them and they ohm’d out to a perfect .08 for me. I’m a little leary of going much lower than that so they’re just inside the lower limit of my comfort zone, but I have to say they vape like a champ. Superb vapor production, awesome flavor, and it’s not a “hot” vape like I was expecting. After viewing the twisted messes youtube vid for rolling fused claptons I understand a lot more of the clapton wire concept and why it’s not as hot as I was expecting so props to Kent and his efforts in getting technical info out to the public as well.

  2. Holt (verified owner)

    Ordered a set of these coils and Like the previous review, I was blown away! Best vape I’ve ever had. And I’m only running it in single coil! Planning on ordering wire soon to try learning these coils out But wanted to try them before I spent the money on wire and I will definitely be getting wire soon! Absolutely love these coils and Squidoode himself is an outstanding guy and an excellent builder! Would recommend these coils to Anybody!

  3. Joe (verified owner)

    These coils are unreal they give off amazing tasty clouds just ordered the staple coils very happy with my purchase will deff buy these again!

  4. Jackson (verified owner)

    They were packaged and shipped awesome and they looked like an amazing wrap. I installed them and tested but my mod (snow wolf 200) is bouncing watts all over the place, it’s probably user error but otherwise completely satisfied.

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