Black Twisted Messes RDA² (TMSquared)

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Fully black Twisted Messes RDA² with extra Dark Blue AFC.

The Twisted Messes RDA² (TMSquared) features a two-post design with 4 individual post holes. Each post hole is 2.8mm in diameter accommodating practically any build you can throw at it.

The split-post design allows for a dramatic increase in coil installation versatility.

It was an honor working with Jay-Bo from @jaybodesigns on this project and we’re ecstatic that he could design our concept into reality.

Check the gallery pictures and detailed description below for more information.

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Each package contains: One assembled atomizer (Black Coated Stainless Steel), one high-quality 1.5mm hex-driver, one extra blue AFC ring, one RADEL drip tip, 4 extra slotted screws (Flat-Head), 4 extra hex screws, one 510 drip tip adapter, 4 extra o-rings


• Split post design allowd coil installation into the center, far sides or via the standard method.
• Extra slotted (Flat Head) screws included
• Negative post milled into the deck
• Deck is 22mm
• Four individual 2.8mm post holes
• Clamp style posts with flat bottomed screws for better connection
• 5mm juice well
• Stainless Steel throughout the RDA (except contact pin which is gold plated brass)
• The black Drip Tip is not delrin. It is RADEL, a high-temperature plastic with a slightly lower melting point than PEEK
• High quality hex driver
• Square air-holes
• All PEEK insulators
• Gold plated brass contact pin
• Three 3x3mm adjustable square air-holes, with a single coil airflow option on the inner barrel (smallest option is one air-hole open, in both single and dual mode)

Warning: This is an advanced vapor device that requires installation of custom heating coils, and is not recommended for beginners. Please ensure that you understand what you are purchasing before buying this product. Make sure to read all instructions contained within the packaging to ensure safe operation.


1. WARNING: Lithium-ion batteries are volatile. They may burn or explode with improper use. Do not use or charge with non-approved devices. Overuse of vaping apparatus may cause this product to overheat, malfunction, and/or may cause burns.
2. Do not leave this product unattended while charging anytime or overnight, and do not charge it in your vehicle.
3. Keep away from high heat, direct sunlight, cold temperatures, humidity and water. Injury or death can occur.
4. Do not replace batteries with non-approved units.
5. Do not mix new and used batteries or different brands.
6. When charging keep away from flammable areas such as but not limited to wood floors and carpets. Always use a fire resistant container or bag.
7. Always have a fire extinguisher in an event of a fire.
8. If battery or device looks damaged, do not use.
9. Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight.
10. If you witness the battery starting to balloon, swell up, smoke, or become very hot. Immediately disconnect the power to your home or office from the circuit breaker. If a circuit breaker is unavailable, disconnect from outlet. Do not approach the battery for at least 2 hours and make sure that the room is ventilated.
11. Never drop, damage, or tamper with the batteries. If you do not use.
12. Never attempt to charge directly from the wall outlet. Always use a surge protector.
13. Do not throw batteries into fire.
14. Do not connect improperly.
15. Do not use any charger other than the one provided to you to charge your device
16. Do not charge batteries unless are specifically labeled as “rechargeable”.

2 reviews for Black Twisted Messes RDA² (TMSquared)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sage (verified owner)


  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    Veysel (verified owner)

    I have got this rda over 1 month ago. I have been pushing myself to like it but I just can’t. There is nothing to like indeed. The posts aren’t well made at all. This is the worst rda I ever had. It’s more like a leaking machine other than a dripper. Those airflow holes are terrible especially those meaningless little tiny notches. The only good thing about it is the drip tip.Anyways, they probably won’t publish my review on their website but at least they will read it. It’s just waste of money.

  3. twistedmess

    Hi Veysel,

    Sorry you are not happy with the RDA you purchased. If there are issues with the quality of the product you received please contact us at and we can get any defective parts replaced for you.

    If you are truly that unhappy with the product in general, please contact us for a return.

    Thank you for the feedback.


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