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  1. Hello! My name is Sam, from north Idaho, but living and selling ecigs in France!
    first: love your videos, I just did the staged clapton coil, very proud of myself!! ha ha!!
    second: I am doing a vape expo the 13,14,15th of March and would like to invite you to Paris for a few days of fun!! FREE VACATION, just come play with us at the expo!!
    if this is something that would interest you please email me, and i will respond right away!

  2. Just wanted to know if you ship to France. Stoked to see your RDA taking shape and I definately NEED to own one. Keep on twisting brother.

  3. Yep, we’ll ship to France 🙂 And thank you sir

  4. Interested in learning to make to vaping

  5. Hi there! So glad you’re interested in building coils! Check the youtube link on the website 🙂 There are quite a few videos up that should be of help.

  6. Hi Rebecca. When you get into it,building coils is very addictive and fun. When I go to my local vape shop here in the south of France, the guys always ask what I’ve got under the hood and, there is usually something different to see. I’ve also had to become a translator for them ‘cos they want to see the Twisted Messes videos but the local vapers don’t speak English.

    Check out Twisted Messes and The Art of Vapour (Squidoode), two of the best builders IMO. I definately learnt tons from them both, now I’m twisting, braiding, Clapton(ing), with the best of them.

    Good luck, have patience and don’t be afraid to waste a bit of wire at the debut, my first Clapton was an impressive display of knotted kanthal.

  7. Hi James.ty so much for the positive encouragement.going to buy all the jewelers tools and wire this payday.yippee thanks again

  8. Don’t forget Rebecca, the most important thing of all when getting into coil building is, good batteries. Really important that. An ohm meter isn’t expensive either and can allow you to calculate battery drain. Again there are loads of videos on youtube about this so look for the ones by names that you know.

    It can seem like there’s a ton of stuff to learn but a little knowledge goes a long way and it’s not that difficult when you really get down to it. is a really cool site, to help with ohms, volts and watts. It’ll help with simple coil building, giving info on battery life density of vapor etc…

    I’ll leave you with my two favourite words at the moment, “capillary action.” Happy building.

  9. @Twisted Messes. Really looking forward to this atty. It sounds like you’ve been working hard to get everything done, I sincerely hope this proves to be a big success for you.

    I’m secretely hoping to be one of the first to own one of these, over here in France, serious bragging rights there, she really is a thing of beauty, you must be proud. I’ve got some killer coils lined up for when the atty arrives, got to order me some more wire, so i’ll be placing an order with you soon. We cannot get 40g nichrome over here at the mo, so to have a site that I can trust State side is INCROYABLE!

    Once again congratulations, will be watching my order status with much anticipation. Amazing to think that your atomiser is going to traverse the States, Atlantic and half of Europe before ending up at its new home.

  10. i just got your rda in the mail today and WOW!!! this thing is so nice. so many options…….this is just an outstanding rda. you get 2 different barrels,3 different drip tips and lots of extra screws,o-rings, etc…….the post holes are huge as is the deck space. can`t wait to put one of your bigger builds in it,like the claptoned helix or the staggerd fused clapton. the only thing i`m not to found of are the grub screws,but these look pretty sturdy so maybe no stripping. thanks twisted for putting out a great product at a great price!

  11. Hwy man thanks much the inner barrle is on the way to me im new to building coils as well iv been vaping for about 3 months and making coils comes pretty easy to me i use to tie flys for fishing so some of my fly tying tools come in handy id like to send you some pics of my builds when i get some more wire lol wont be for a few weeks but i got say ty for all the help on youtube peace!!!

  12. Just wanted to let you know that you’re build videos are amazing !! Totally addicted to doing those builds now. My favorite so far is the claptoned helix,awesome flavor & dense vape. WOW!! Can’t wait for more crazy ass builds to follow.

  13. Twisted squared rda on the way! O yeah!

  14. Just loving the twisted messes 2, and the same with the first version, watched your videos, getting Clapton’s down, but some of the others I need more practice. Awesome job!

  15. Thank you so much for your recent donation to Coils for Advocacy!

  16. So glad we could help!


  17. I love the build videos you do, i remember watching them and then you announced the Compvape rda, i was like GTFO and its been uphill from there man. Skys the limit and i love your passion for vaping and regaurdless of what happens on the 8th you came saw and conquered. Ty bro for all you have done. Oh yea i have myself helped over 80 people quit since February 2015, couldnt of done it without the knowledge you passed on man. Also this is Jezze_Xamez Jesse James Delcorpo. You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

  18. Hey guys! Have been a long time vapor of the twisted messes product and was looking at the hex ohm boxes any way we may see diffrent colors maybe a chamelon color or purple not really in to any of the colors already out. Would be willing to pay more just email me about it that ya!

  19. Hi Iceyzero,

    We’ll need to contact Craving Vapor about that possibility but I’ll look into it. Thanks!


  20. The promo code For the AFC rings wont-work

  21. Sorry but 2AFC1Free won’t work for items on sale. Thanks!

  22. Hi my name is Noam
    I from Israel love your build vid
    Will you ship your wire to Israel.
    I love build alien coil and other coils.

  23. Please follow instructions at this link for international orders

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