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  1. For some reason, PayPal doesn’t want to formalize my credit card order, is there another way to pay for my order?

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Some people seem to have issues using the PayPal interface with a mobile device. Have you already tried from a computer?

  3. For this issue, it wouldn’t work for me using the interface for a credit card, but after I created a PayPal it worked perfectly!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback! Trying to constantly update the system to make it easier for you all. Thanks so much for your support!

  5. And just as a side note for my earlier comment, I made my purchase via mobile, (Galaxy Note 4) so this may have affected the credit card interface, however like I said after creating a PayPal account the transaction continued smoothly. Shipping was great, arrived a whole day early before the expected delivery date!

  6. Just wondering how long the back order is on the 26 gauge fused claptons…I ordered 3 sets of them along with 2 rdas and 2 tshirts for a total of $240 I think…will this delay my whole order or is Ryan making them on a need to basis to fulfill the orders?.

  7. Sorry for the delay! Had an unexpected surge in orders, and had to get more coils express shipped from Ryan. Gonna get yours out first thing tomorrow morning!

  8. I just want to add that This rda along with squid doodes coils is killer!The flavor you get out of this combo is one I have never experienced!The support Kent gives you is absolutely fantastic.He emailed me about the coils being out of stock and when they were back in which was not even 24 hours later I might add!He kept in touch through the whole process and even wanted to know when I received them.You will not find this great of a product along will this kind of support anywhere!
    Thanks again Kent an keep up the fantastic work!!!

  9. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I received that spare top cap that you sent me and it fits perfectly! Thanks again for getting that right out to me!!

  10. No problem!

  11. Hey, just curious approx. how long is will take for international shipping to BC, Canada? Thanks! Vape on

  12. Standard mail is going to take 7-10 days most likely. Usually takes 2-3 days to hit customs, then a day or two in customs, then a few days to BC. Travel times will vary but shipping will most likely be next day.

  13. Thanks a lot! Caaant waiittt!!

  14. Hey, may i know if u can use air freight shipment to brunei ds? Thanks

  15. International mail generally takes 10-14 days. We ship to any country. Shipping charges are calculated during checkout. Thanks!

  16. Hey hows it going? First i must say love the rda it works gr8!! There is one issue however.The inner barrel threads when i put the chuff cap on its a little tricky but it goes on but the other adaptor for the 510 does not screw in vary well at all i don’t really use it so idc lol but theres a bur in my threads on the inner barrle

  17. Please contact me at support@twistedmesses.com and I’ll get a new barrel shipped out to you

  18. Ty for the vary quick reply you are spot on i’ll be looking forward to buying many more products from you keep up the gr8 work ty again peace

  19. Absolutely the best shop to by from, simple web design, easy to navigate, and the products are the reason i keep coming back. Thank you Twisted for the fast shipping and great customer service….

  20. Just order the gold black. My first authentic rda purchase. Really excited!!! Gonna look great on my limitless! Thank You!

  21. Just put in another order for the New Black & Gold Twisted Messes RDA, some more of Squidoode’s awesome Coil Creations, Twisted’s Newest T-Shirt, plus some Anarchist Wire. Cant wait till the New RDA arrives, it will complete my collection since I have the Blue & Silver. Plus it will look bad a** on my Anarchist Unregulated Parallel HexOhm. They are the best RDA’s by far… Thank you Twisted for your great products..

  22. Hi Chase, any time you have an issue with a product please contact me at support@twistedmesses.com and I’ll do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. Sorry you had issues with your AFC ring, I’m contacting you now to try to resolve this issue. Thanks!


  23. Just waiting on my Black&Gold RDA. For some reason USPS never updated my shipping information, although PayPal sent me my tracking number via email. I ordered on Sept 3rd, just wondering how long do I have to wait, since Labor Day is Monday, for my order to get to me

  24. Hi Steven,

    They began processing your shipment on the 5th. As you noted, it is labor day this weekend so your tracking should start updating on tuesday.

  25. Thank you for the reply. I just looked and my order is expected to get here Tuesday. I can not wait

  26. Hey Kent,

    Just wanted to give you a big shout out for the outstanding cutomer service! Thank you for helping me get the new RDA order processed. I hope that you can get back to the awesome build videos soon haha. It was great talking to you, and keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait to vape the new RDA!!!

  27. Just stopping in to give you positive feedback on the original twisted messes RDA. I am currently using it exclusively and absolutely love it, I have recommended it to all of my friends and will continue to do so. I bought this one from my local B&M who became a compvape retailer just to get mine for me. I will be buying a couple more in the near future for birthday gifts.

  28. Hi Kent,

    Received my shiny new TM rda today. I would just like to say how impressed i am with it, it blows all my other atty’s out the window. It took a while to get here but was well worth the wait, not your fault i know, your service is spot on. Looking forward now to trying some of your exotic builds in it , thanks for the how to vids , great job.

  29. So glad it finally got there! Sorry again you had to wait so long!

    -Kent @twistedmesses

  30. Is there another way to pay? It will not let me use my Visa debit and I do not have Paypal…

  31. My rda tm the screw got stripped out and won’t fire anymore

  32. Thanks for contacting me at support@twistedmesses.com

    So glad we could get the problem resolved. Thanks!


  33. Комментарий: Добрый день! Подскажите как отследить заказ в мой город, или как быть зарегистрированы на сайте? Спасибо!

  34. You will receive tracking information when your order is finished processing.



  35. I already have a twisted messes atomizer…I want to know if I can buy a deck and have you build me a dual coil. thank you and your atomizer is off the charts…Love it

  36. Hi bret,

    Sorry but these days I really don’t have time to build custom coils for people. Luckily @squidoode sells premade coils which are available to everyone 🙂

  37. Just add in the cart a couple of thing to buy. What the shipping cost to Australia?
    Please advice..Thanks so much.

  38. Thank you for contacting me via email. Glad we could get the problem resolved for you. And I’m sorry about the delay, sometimes I take a short break on the weekends.


  39. I ordered my RDA on Thursday night what day do you think I’ll get it?

  40. Hi Christian,

    I just emailed you tracking info from support@twistedmesses.com

    Sorry, paypal is supposed to send an email confirmation with tracking info when I print your label.


  41. Hi there,

    It should calculate automatically the cost of shipping for you and will display it during checkout before you pay. International shipping charges vary depending on items ordered but usually are around 12-18 dollars USD



  42. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, your message got stuck in the Spam filter for quite some time. Hopefully you figured this out by now but you should be able to pay without a paypal account and use your debit card.

    There should be an option while going through paypal to use just your Debit card without registering for an account.


  43. You should have it today or tomorrow I’d assume. It shipped on Friday so usually takes 2-3 business days via priority mail.


  44. for some reason im getting this error when i try to pay my items
    Payment error: AVS FAILURE – AYXWZ 083874

  45. Hi Jorge,

    Sorry but that failure means your card issuing bank does not support AVS and unfortunately our payment system is not compatible with your card. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept your payment method.


  46. Hey Kent, do you intend to add more payment options? AVS checks don’t work for all my cards

  47. So sorry about that. I’m working to try to solve the problem but for the mean-time international sales are no currently active. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

  48. Waiting over a week for my order just hoping it didn’t get lost

  49. Just sent you an email with a new tracking number. Thanks!


  50. Is shipping still available to canada?

  51. Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer international shipping 🙁 So sorry!


  52. when will 4xl hoodies be available again?

  53. Back in stock now! Thanks!


  54. My center pin broke off in the positive block of my black and gold TM Rda . I ordered a new replacement deck and some replacement parts, is it going to be the same block and pin that I originally got with my black and gold Rda? I was so bummed, I thought my block was just loose. Great Rda my friend, definitely my go to with new or intricate builds.

  55. Yes, the replacement deck is exactly the same deck that comes with the RDA. Thanks!


  56. How do I stop my center posts from spinning?I have 3 TM rda’s and all the center posts spin.

  57. Hi Walter,

    Please grab hold of the positive block gently with some pliers, and then with an appropriately sized flat-head screw driver (a micro screwdriver will not work, needs to be a larger one to give enough torque), tighten the contact pin on the bottom of the RDA. That pin is not adjustable and needs to stay tight to keep the center-post secure. Don’t go too crazy or you can break the pin, but it should snug up a bit.

    That fixes the issue 99% of the time, a lot of times the contact pin starts out secure but then as the coils get dry-fired the insulator shifts slightly and it needs another tightening up.

    Let me know if that helps.



  58. Thankyou Kent that worked issue solved lol btw love the youtube videos because of those videos i can build some killer coils keep up the gr8 work bro peace

  59. Just wanted to stop by & leave you guys some love. Great products! I have the TM-150W on my wish list, I don’t want it, I NEED it ha. Great work, guys. So much love & respect. I’m glad someone finally came out with great quality products with AWESOME customer support. Keep up the outstanding EVERYTHING!

    -Bakersfield, CA

  60. You’re the best! Thanks!


  61. Just ordered some alien coils yesterday and the shipping tracking number upon entry says it does not exist so I just want to make sure everything is all good with order is my first order and really looking forward to vapeing on them please contact me back and let me know

  62. And me and my husband appreciate your guys work products look awesome

  63. Hi Michelle,

    Tracking usually takes about 24 hours to become available in the USPS database, and sometimes a bit longer. If you received a tracking update that means your order is on the way and you should be able to track the package shortly.



  64. I ordered the twisted (squared) on the 27th, it said order received. How will I know when I will receive my package ? Just it just randomly show up?

  65. Hi Damien,

    Sorry there seems to have been a glitch in the system which caused a lot of the tracking numbers to not email through.

    Your order was shipped Monday morning and a tracking update was just emailed directly to you from support@twistedmesses.com



  66. i have the 150 TC Box MOD, which i love, feels so good to hold and feels like a tank compared to some. i got it for X Mas, bought 2 one for me and one for my brother. i have had issues with the shotgun battery lid. plactic is starting to crack causing spring to push up and its not making a good connection on batteries now. what are my options?

  67. Where do we get our order ID from? Thx

  68. Hey guys can anyone assist

  69. Hi please shoot an email to support@twistedmesses.com, unfortunately the contact submission form is giving us problems at the moment with our new server.


  70. Hi Dennis,

    The order ID should be emailed automatically when the order is placed. If you’re having trouble receiving our emails please contact us at support@twistedmesses.com and we’ll get you taken care of.



  71. hi kent, wondering how to ship tmn80 to indonesia? i dont see any option for international shipping.

  72. Hi There,

    Sorry but we are currently unable to process international payments. Please check Bali Vapor Lounge for stock of our products. They are an authorized reseller of Twisted Messes.



  73. I’m currently waiting for my new replacement deck hopefully be in today it says for my rda.I was very happy to see you guys have those as an option seeing as I got ripped off by a local shop claiming there twisted messes were real.. bought it when I first got into rda’s and realized it was a compvape clone of somesort really excited to try my authentic deck out praying it arrives today lol ,and most likely going to buy another sense I forgot to order the replacement parts for the authentic, really happy you guys have that option or I woulda been screwed out of a lot of money since they wouldn’t refund me on the clone even tho was falsely advertised by them and only had it for 5 days

  74. I’m currently waiting for my new replacement deck hopefully be in today it says for my rda.I was very happy to see you guys have those as an option seeing as I got ripped off by a local shop claiming there twisted messes were real.. bought it when I first got into rda’s and realized it was a compvape clone of somesort really excited to try my authentic deck out praying it arrives today lol ,and most likely going to buy another sense I forgot to order the replacement parts for the authentic, really happy you guys have that option or I woulda been screwed out of a lot of money since they wouldn’t refund me on the clone even tho was falsely advertised by them and only had it for 5 days.

  75. Have the trifecta of RDAs by you guys, and feel obligated to vouch for them. As one of my first authentic pieces, it impressed me beyond belief. To date is my favorite, and 3/5 of my rotational devices alongside the Velocity v2, and the Goon. Top notch quality, durability, and CSRs(bought some replacement decks)
    Keep the clouds and 5star services rolling along! Thanks again

  76. I’ve been vaping for about 3 years now and if I could give out one award for best company or best customer service it would be twisted messes without a doubt. I’ve dealt with so many company’s with horrible customer service or horrible products its not funny. Kent always goes above and beyond with customer service and he’s one of the few that supports the industry moving forward. I can’t say thanks enough…but thank you kent!

  77. The twistedmesses RDA 24
    The best RDA I own
    I love the the space to build
    But im not sure what chuf cap I need to replace the one that I lost
    Any ideas?
    Thanks vape on

  78. I bought the TM24 and it came with my choice of AFC ring + matching drip tip. I can say enough how much I love this RDA and its the first I’ve ever spent $60+ for. I also purchased the yellow AFC ring + matching drip tip to match the VT250S I have. When I received the yellow AFC+ drip tip the color (even though very nice and I do like how it looks) doesn’t look like the yellow on the web page showing it so it don’t match my mod like I was hoping and the drip tip when I use it is loose. It has just enough restriction to hold it on the Atty but now much more like the drip tip that comes with the TM24. I left a review about these things as well as about how much I do love the TM24 and the new AFC and drip tip regardless of the off color it is from what I was expecting. On a unrelated order from Amazon for wire and cotton the day I received that order (2 days ago from the day this reply was created) I went down to get my package and noticed another package for me sitting at my mailbox. When I looked at it, it was from TM. At this point I was completely surprised because I didn’t order anything else from his site yet cause I don’t have the cash right now but there it was sitting there with my name on it (nice). I wasn’t sure what it was till I opened it and noticed there were 3 AFC+ matching Drip tips. TM had sent me another yellow which is still the same as the 1 I ordered but now I have 2 incase I lose 1 or it gets messed up, an orange which is great cause it is an almost match for my Halloween special edition Aegis mod so now I don’t have to buy the orange like I was planning on doing for this mod, and the coolest 1 I’ve seen that I didn’t see on his site and that’s an Ultem (Amber) AFC+ matching drip tip. I’m writing this comment to share this experience and to say thank you to Kent (Twisted Messes) for sending me these. He (Kent if you read this you) didn’t have to do this I was ok with what I had. Thank you again. I didn’t know were else to say this so that’s why I’m commenting on it here in hopes you read this.
    Once again,
    Thank you,
    TC PS. Hopefully soon I plan on buying the matte gold as well as a few of the other colors you have on the site and I’m thinking of buying one of the other RDA’s (I for get which 1 its is but had my eye on 1 you make that’s all gold) you sell. I can’t afford to buy your mod or I’d probably would get that to match the TM24 gold I originally purchased but I will have to do without the mod cause they are way to expensive for my wallet to afford one.

  79. I gotta Have a gold pro series. When will they be IN STOCK!!!!!? lol

  80. They are actually in stock now. Please ignore any out of stock message you have during this time of release. We still have plenty. Thanks!

  81. Hey Kent first off I’m a big fan of yours and love all of the rdas and entertainment you provide the vaping community, so thank you. Now I just got my TM24 pro in black today and put my first build in and am having resistance jumping issues. The build I’m using in it should be lower than what it reads as well (even on a DNA 250, worse with other devices). So far I’ve disassembled the RDA and reassembled it with the same build and same thing. Is there anything you recommend I try? I could be doing something wrong.

  82. Hi Richard,

    So sorry you’re having issues with the black TM24 Pro. There have been a few in this batch that are causing resistance issues. I’m sending you an email now to trouble shoot this with you.

    Thanks for reaching out, we’ll get this taken care of.


  83. Since the TM2 was my first RDA and it treated me right I just ordered the 24 Pro and I can’t wait to get it…my TM2 Has never broken down and it’s stayed strong….KEEP IT UP TWISTED MESSES…THANK YOU FOR MAKING A GREAT LINE OF RDA’S

  84. Hi I also got a black tm24 pro and am having the same resistance issues I would also like to know if there is a fix for it?

  85. Firstly, sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. Yes there is a fix, we’ll send you a new deck. I’m sending an email now to get you set up. Thanks!


  86. Paid for priority shipping…it’s my RDA is late by almost three whole days…could this be fixed please I didn’t pay an extra $6.50 for it to come slower

  87. Hey Kent..I have nephew suffering from cerebral palsy..he really likes the stickers you send out with your packages and he said..and I quote…”wants a butt ton of stickers”
    He’s 12 years old and he likes when I blow huge clouds.

    If you can do this for me that would be supurb…we could both put a smile on little Kalebs face

    Stay awesome Kent


  88. Hi Johnathan,

    Glad we could get this taken care of for you via support@twistedmesses.com

    As I mentioned we can’t control how quickly a package gets delivered once we pass it on to USPS. Sorry for the delay that USPS caused in delivery. Thanks

  89. Is there a fix to the black 24 pro because my resistance is jumping I really wanted to show it of at vape jam this weekend

  90. Great meeting you at Vape Jam UK! And so glad we could get this taken care of there for you

  91. Hi i have issues with the black TM 24pro. Please tell me what to do?

  92. Please send an email to support@twistedmesses.com and we’ll get it taken care of for you. Thanks!

  93. Hi, do you ship to Europe specifically in France because I’m tired of using thread of low / medium range, I would like to use your son that are of excellent quality.
    Can you tell me where can I get your coil of wires?
    Thank you.

  94. Hey are all the tm 24 pro black still having problems or did they get fixed i’m wanting to buy one

  95. The issue has been resolved 100%

  96. I must say Kwnt is the Coolest Guy ever he help resole my issue in a little les then 24hrs
    Thanks alot kent your a true gent your customer service is 10/10 and so are your products

  97. Hi
    I am coil builder
    I want to buy wires from your website with wholesale prices please
    Could I ??

  98. For wholesale inquiries please email wholesale@twistedmesses.com


  99. hey kent I just bought your cubed rda and I somehow lost one of the airflow rings is their any way I could buy a new set or do I have to buy the rda all over again?

  100. Hey Jacob,

    Just shoot me an email at support@twistedmesses.com

    We have spares available I can just ship out to you. Thanks!


  101. I was interested in purchasing the pro series 24 atomizer in black but it is out of stock. Do you expect it to come back in stock any time soon?

  102. Hi there,

    Sorry for the delay on those. We’re expecting more inventory to arrive next week. I’d recommend entering your email address on the product page to receive an alert when they’re back in stock. Should be any day now.



  103. I need shipping to saudi arabia how?!!

  104. Please follow instructions here http://www.twistedmesses.com/international-orders/


  105. i need shop for wholesale, can i get skype id or something?

  106. Please shoot us an email at wholesale@twistedmesses.com

  107. After over 6 years of all day every day use my twisted messes finally met its end. The device shorted out while i was away and came back to the plastic tip melted down into the coils/chamber area. This RDA lasted for the full life of at least 10 devices. I had the gold and black one #1188 i will miss it. :*(

  108. hey, bro, good night.
    i bought this TM24 series and doing the GDR cleaning, broke my screw, is it possible to replace this screw?
    Please answer me

  109. Did you not receive my DM or email? I responded to both. Need to know where you are located.



  110. So I ordered the doode rda and I’m very saftisied with it overall but I have a huge problem, on my second build my collet for the negative post cracked, is there anyway I could buy extras or get some sent to me cause it’s basically useless now once the build I have in it is done

  111. Yes of course we’ll replace it for you. Please send an email to support@twistedmesses.com with your order number and we’ll get it sent out right away.



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